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Scarlett de la Torre is a multi-faceted global nomad, DJ, musician, performer, and humanitarian. A half-Filipina, half-German-American, Her journey began with her birth on the beautifully multicultural island of Hong Kong, from where she has catapulted into over 50 countries to share her light and sound with the world.

Diversity and musical adventure have the essence of the code de Scarlett for nearly 2 decades. In her most recent incarnation as an international musician and DJ, she could be found one day playing piano on stage with the legendary Nile Rodgers and Johnny Marr at Montreux Jazz Festival, and the next orchestrating the music for Matthew Williamson from the sound box of the Royal Opera House London for London Fashion Week.  She spent over a decade as a DJ and performer in the international club scene, with performances in a broad spectrum of settings: from Robot Heart, Distrikt, Maxa Xaman, and Kazbah Burning Man; Scorpios Mykonos; Watergate Berlin; Daybreaker NYC; Space & Amnesia Ibiza; Sunwaves, Neversea and Untold, Romania; the Formula One Singapore & Kuala Lumpur; and the weddings & birthdays of undisclosed royalty and celebrities across the globe. 

Scarlett's expertise also includes creating enchanting atmospheres and bringing people together to celebrate.  Scarlett has organized events and curated talent and events for world-class resorts such as LUX* resorts, Shangri-La,  and W Maldives.  She was the creative force behind the Scarlett Room and secret Gasby-esque Bohemian Reverie parties in New York City, where one could experience all at once the sensual offerings of live opera, beatboxing, fire-dancing, trapeze, and Scarlett's own jazz performances.  She was also Co-founder, organizer, and curating force behind the Crypto Symposium at Villa Illumina, Mykonos, bringing top movers and shakers in the realm of blockchain and the conscious movement to discuss the subject of “Crypto and Consciousness”, as Scarlett expanded her horizons into the realm of blockchain and decentralist activism.  Scarlett curated a speaking roster which included Daniel Pincheck, Jonathan Teo, 

Extensive global travels combined with a passion for culture, music , and adventure has led Scarlett to expand her talents into the realm Travel Influencer.  Supported by a highly-engaged social media following, She has been social media consultant, account manager, and content creator for some of the world’s top luxury resorts.   Her travel photos have been featured to millions of followers by Beautiful Destinations' Beautiful Hotels, and she is a contributor to travel publications such as A Hotel Life.  She has contributed content and handled the social media accounts of W Maldives, LUX Resorts, and Shangri-La Le Touessrok, Mauritius.

Most importantly for Scarlett, she has been able use her voice to breathe volume into her ongoing humanitarian projects. Scarlett is also an ambassador, activist, and for the anti-human trafficking organization Beauty for Freedom, with whom she embarked on a mission to Kolkata to donate instruments and teach music to survivors of human trafficking, in a mission to provide a channel to transmute their experiences through sound.  She shortly thereafter used her social media influence to form conscious brand partnerships with collaborators like Paolita London, who helped her raise funds to travel to Greece to be of support refugees of war at Elpida Home refugee camp. It was through Scarlett's humanitarian work that she discovered her gifts in the healing arts.  As she taught music to survivors of severe trauma in refugee camps and trafficking shelters, she yearned for a way to bring her survivor students deeper healing and consciousness expansion through a healing modality which would be universally understood, with respect to cultural and religious boundaries. She began to experiment with guiding her survivor students with meditations inspired by Wayne Dyer and Deva Premal, combined with Sound  Frequency Meditations, with profound results. 


This discovery, combined with her studies in shamanism, alchemy, and ceremonial plant medicine, led her to embrace her service in the sound healing arts - beginning with her initiation and first sound bath facilitated as the Oracle of ceremonies for the IAMAI exhibit inside THE MAN at Burning Man 2018, as a ceremonial performance art piece in collaboration with Erevos Aether and Joseph Crossley.  She has since presented Sound Bath Meditations in collaboration with legendary sound practitoners such as Nacho Arimany at Art Basel Miami; Spirit Metacine at St. John's Arts Society in San Francisco; and Helane Anderson at Leigh McCloskey's visionary art atelier The Heiroglyph of the Human Soul, Malibu.   She has held sound ceremonies in the corporate world for the likes of Urban Remedy, Fastly, and was invited to conduct ceremony and speak on plant medicine and Ancient Intelligence at Richard Branson's Necker Island for the ONEFUTURE summit 2019.  Scarlett continues to serve private clients and group sound baths around the world, and is now conducting practice over Zoom, serving a Musical Immersive course 

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