Wings of Isis is a creative collective of artists, musicians, producers, and explorers of consciousness and healing modalities... we join creative forces as WINGS OF ISIS. Creating a movement inspired from the WINGS of the Egyptian Queen Isis - the goddess of Magic, the master alchemist - in alignment with the of the rise of the divine feminine wisdom evolving throughout humanity at this time, on a mission to raise the vibration of the planet with cosmic frequencies, sacred play, ceremony as celebration, tribal gatherings, and LOVE. Celebrate with us!


Wings of Isis joined forces as Scarlett de la Torre and Clayton Woodley at Neversea Festival, Romania on the 6th of July 2019. This set was on the night of an astrological Sirius Portal, the star system associated with the Egyptian goddess Isis, as it is in closest proximity to the earth on these days 🦄 “Sirius itself holds the energy of freedom and is all about expanding our awareness so we can let go of limitations. This is how Sirius energy allows us to evolve and allows us to see beyond just our five senses.” See you in Romania again on the 2nd of August for Untold Festival.