Sound Healing: ONEFUTURE at Necker Island

Updated: Nov 25, 2019

Necker Island! What a dream was is to visit Richard Branson’s private island for Dione Spiteri‘s ONEFUTURE summit on the topic of #AI - to speak on sound medicine, and plant intelligence whilst sharing the songs and meanings of the ceremonial songs of the Amazon. #AI to me is #AncientIntelligence - communion with the earth and coming back into congruence with the elements. Healing the planet one medicine song at a time! Sharing the meanings of the songs of the Huni Kuin and ceremonial medicine circles of the Amazon was such a gift! I also shared a sound meditation for guests on the beach, attended by a very special guest - a Galapagos tortoise! Thank you Sir Richard for the use of your incredible temple Gong and Didgeridoo for this meditation!

For the medicine music circle, I spoke on the healing effects on plant medicine, and sang songs accompanied by one of our speakers De Kai - Dekai was one of eight members selected by Google for its AI ethics council. His PhD thesis was one of the first to spur the paradigm shift toward machine learning based natural language which launched the world's first web translation of AI over twenty years ago. And also a really talented Cajon player and legend!

It has been so wonderful to spend time with so many talented dreamers and thinkers such as our friends and creators of Planet Home . We enjoyed beachside sound healing sessions, judging Tipsy Tennis, and hearing Sir Richard and William Studebaker talk on AI and the future - and learning more about Richard Branson’s Virgin space travel Thank you Sir Richard for having us at your home and Dione Spiteri for gathering us all in paradise to embrace the future 💗

Thank you Jared Bistrong for allowing me to steward your magical Tibetan bowls for this beautiful activation.

Thank you lechictulum and PaU MaLo for adorning me in your royal regalia for this week 💗