Coke's Surf Shack, Maldives

October 19, 2016

 I had the absolute pleasure of going on a solo surf trip to Thulusdhoo, Maldives to spend time at Coke's Surf Shack.  The discovery of this little gem in the middle of the Indian Ocean has swiftly cemented itself in my heart as the loveliest place to surf in the world.  Just in front of the shack are Chicken's and Coke's surf breaks, with access to Jail's and Sultan's breaks by 10 minute speedboats.  


The shack is run by two awesome, radiant lads - Tim and Paul.  The shack is just that - a shack.  Zero frills, simple clean and nice place to lay your head in-between barrels. Tucked away on a beachfront path on the tiny touristic beach of Thulusdhoo. 


Coke's surf shack: I would recommend for lady surfers traveling alone or in groups, for the following reasons: 


1.  It's a dry island.  Alcohol is forbidden on local islands.  Drunk, lairy creepy surfers are a good laugh.  We love them. However, sometimes it's nice to have a break.  This is appealing to those ladies who just want to surf and chill and get some peace in the evenings!


2.  Tim and Paul are legends.  True story.  They were super informative, fun to kick it with, and might I add, painfully handsome !!  The other guests and I felt very well looked-after by these two superhero gentlemen. 


3.  Easy access to two breaks.  Cokes is right in front, beautiful right hand wave and every third wave is a barrel. Chickens is across the way on a boat, the lads are more than happy to take you out on the dinghy when it's on and not too windy.  Makes things very simple and easy.  


4.  Photo ops.  That white sand against that colour of blue will never get old!! 



I look forward to returning to this amazing place when the season kicks back in next April ! 

I loved the shack so much that I did a little instagram takeover for them when I was staying there.  Follow them on insta:






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