Beauty for Freedom

October 19, 2016

When Anna Wintour asked the public to come up with another word for "BLOG", did we manage to find one?  For lack of a better word, then, welcome to mine.  


To start as I mean to go along, it is appropriate that my first post is about an exciting project which brings so much light to an otherwise dark place... which is the whole point of my new website !!  I'm copying and pasting from my original post on FB: 


I am traveling to India next week to teach music & art to survivors of human trafficking, to girls as young as 8. Please visit to read about our objectives and click the "donate" button if you could find it in your heart to give.

I am endeavoring to purchase an electric piano for the girls in order to teach piano and music theory workshops, and so that they can also have access to instruments after we complete our mission. Please help to fulfill our goal? We are also taking requests if you would like to hear us sing anything. Suggestions for the workshop songs are welcome!

Thank you to Beauty for Freedom, Monica Watkins for organizing this wonderful mission. Thank you so much also for the generosity and kindness of those who have donated, you are shining a beautiful light in an otherwise dark place. ✨

I am using this photo by Eraj Asadi as his photos always get so much traction as he's a genius. This will probably get 400 likes on FB. If 400 people donated the price of an NYC cocktail ($10), we would hit our target. Please like / share / spread the word / send nice vibes.


The serendipitous sign that sent me on this mission was a rather cheeky sign from God / The Universe.   

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