New Light Kolkata

November 15, 2016

My mission to support survivors of human trafficking and their children continues with Beauty for Freedom and New Light Kolkata continues here in India. These are my guitar students at Soma Girls Home, some of the little ones, and the gifts of instruments that I was overjoyed to present to the girls. Thank you to all the donors to this cause who made this happen. They are SO stoked, and these instruments have made it possible for them to express and TRANSMUTE <3


4000 Rupees is what a girl costs on the market. That's the equivalent of sixty US dollars. New Light sees that the lives of these girls are valued by taking them away from the red light district and giving them a place to sleep, a support system of structure and love, sending them to school, and breaking the cycle that so many children get caught up in in that world. Humbled and honoured to have spent time in this beautiful little hope machine teaching music to these shining stars. 

If you'd like to donate or spread the word, please visit to learn more about our mission to support survivors of trafficking through art and music.