My Humanitarian Mission : "Fight Against Human Trafficking..."

December 8, 2016

I’ve returned from India, and have had a bit of time to reflect after three incredible weeks of volunteering at New Light Kolkata, on my mission to support survivors of human trafficking, their children, and at-risk youth in the red light district through art, music, and creativity. The moral of the following story is this: that it doesn’t matter who you are, where you are in your life, how successful you are in career or finances, we are all in possession of something to give. If you’re ever feeling lost, directionless, down, out, or that things are failing to align in your life, open your heart up to pour out kindness to someone without the expectation of anything in return. This is the highest realization of human purpose, and your actions will create a ripple that will shake things up, inspire, ignite a spark... it will force you to learn some important lessons in order for things to snap into truth for you on some level. 


A couple months before this mission, I nearly cancelled this trip. I thought that it wasn’t the right time in my life to be traveling to a far-off place to volunteer, and that I would have nothing to offer to the women and kids if I were in an unsettled place, without a home, my DJ career sort of here and there and everywhere. There was a rather frightening terrorist attack where I played weeks previously in Bangladesh that made me feel terrified about going to West Bengal. I was coming up with every excuse to feel insecure about going. I closed my eyes and asked for a CLEAR sign from the universe, I opened my eyes and what I saw next made it 100% clear to me that this was the trajectory that I was meant take (You can see the sign here...yeah, it's cray cray )



I then set the clear intention to come on the trip, however I had to raise funds to support the project to get instruments donated and provide supplies. Oh no ! How do I do that ?!?! Money?! EEK!! Again, terrified and insecure, I did what I could to get the word out and pull it together last minute. I have to say, MY GOODNESS!!!! THANK THE UNIVERSE for you guys. My network came together in the most wonderful way with donations and also with so much kindness, advice, support and and beautiful little acts of pure love to send me on my way way to be a strong facilitator of this mission. So then it occurred to me that my network, our network, your network and your friends' network is powerful stuff. What an amazing standard of living and array of infinite choice and connectivity that so many of us have. It's our duty to collectively make this the age of ACTION and COMPASSION.


This the age of pay-it-forward. This is the age of Aquarius in the face of Kali Yuga. This is the age of LESS sitting behind laptops spewing opinion, and MORE putting our hands and sweat behind real change. I am inspired by friends like my beauty Alexandra - she didn’t sit behind her computer talking about the refugee crisis, she went to Lesbos herself to volunteer for months to make an actual impact, and to rally her networks to support her in her mission. She provided a new perspective on the refugee crisis, now we had an actual friend there who was seeing the situation with her own eyes and sharing her personal experiences with us. I can honestly say she taught me a lot about what was going on over there, beyond the “news”.  My friends Jen, Chie, Bill and Felicity are all heading to Standing Rock to stand with our indigenous friends on Thanksgiving. They have the support of their networks and we are all helping to make that happen for them collectively by spreading the word and contributing. Isn't that something? This is something that we can be proud of. I was unable to sit behind my macbook pro and let the injustices and atrocities of human trafficking make my blood boil. I had a fire of compassion in my heart for victims and survivors. I had a strong desire to find whatever strengths I had within me that I could use to alleviate their suffering. 




So I arrived in India to be of service to the women and kids of New Light, to teach music as a therapy to survivors of trafficking and their children. TEACH!!! OMG!!! I've never taught anything in my life!! What if I suck at teaching?! I raised the funds for the pianos and guitars and now I have to teach them how to use them. Oh dear. I barely know how to use them myself!! More fear and insecurity!! On my first day, we did a creative writing exercise with the girls where they were asked to write stories to reflect what their ultimate happiness vision is. One girl (who was incidentally trafficked from Nepal) wrote a story about how it was her ultimate dream to play a piano, that she wants to be a singer and go to Paris or London and provide her family with "all the beautiful things". She then she wrote a sweet, fictitious fantasy about going back to her home and her mother taking her hand and leading her to a room of their house to surprise her with a piano . Whoa. I welled up because I hadn't revealed to the kids yet that it was my plan to present a piano the following days with a big red bow in that shelter. She manifested this. It then dawned on me that this is it - that I was sent here to be a direct facilitator of the signals that these little human beings were putting out into the universe and that I had every tool inside of me to do so. This wasn't about me or my insecurities, this was about being a vessel of good intention, and the universe will support this action 100%. This gave me the strength to be a teacher, to surrender to the force that bright me here. And that's just what this charity stuff is all about. Surrendering yourself in order to be a conduit for something greater.


This mission definitely had its ups and downs. It's so funny that when I felt like I was finally aligned to my ultimate purpose and literally out here doing the work of God, it was then that I was inundated with the most judgement and opinion from the outside. Proportionally tiny compared to the incredibly positive feedback, I was also hit with so much weirdness from so many angles - people direct messaging me giving their negative two cents about my choice of outfit, complaining about what songs I was choosing to teach the kids, questioning the credibility of my organization. WHAT! More haters and gossip and low vibrational noise whilst doing this amazing work than when I'm just bouncing around being a DJ. Hilarious. I was also right smack in the middle of India basically fending for myself without the security of a manager or promoter to guarantee my safety, so I was in survival / fight-or-flight mode a lot of the time. There were also periods of tumult and unrest. During my trip, Trump got elected in the USA, and in India, the prime minister just announced once day out of the blue that all of the currency that I was holding was suddenly worth nothing ! Ha ! I found myself in the middle of an all-out national crisis. Trials and tribulations! I can laugh about it all now that I’m back, and find the teacher in it all. There are Angels flying over me, that's for sure!


I went to India to be a healer, and little did I know that I would be healed each time the little ones would put their hands on me, hug me, touch my face and hair. We all had something in common: we all just wanted to sing songs and one day have a home of our own somewhere. So simple. India has shaken me to the core, so many layers of karma, dirt, wisdom, and vibrational frequencies in this colorful land. My mission with New Light will continue, I’ll be setting up a new mission, in the meantime if you’d like to donate you can do so to the shelter directly: . I’m inspired to work in this capacity in different destinations as well, to bring music instruction and instruments to underprivileged kids and survivors of trafficking. If anyone wants to explore the possibilities of getting involved in something like this, reach out! This work was only made possible with the help of YOU. Thank you to my those who supported this little effort. Thank you Beauty for Freedom for having me on this mission to understand the true meaning of being in service. The mission continues...