21-Day Complaining Detox

January 19, 2017





One of the best things about going on a charity mission in a 3rd world country is seeing how grateful and happy people can be with absolutely nothing - and then coming back to the 'real' world to be more aware of the silly sh*t that people complain about on a daily basis (myself included!). And so - I challenge you to a 21-day 'complaining detox' for the new year. Chronic complainers are scientifically proven to have higher rates of heart disease and cancer, being around constant complainers is a real energy killer as well. Complain less, take a softer approach to life, expand possibilities and improve your health. Perhaps when someone is complaining we can gently and lovingly remind them of the good stuff (because each and every person in my friends list has got it SO GOOD). Setting boundaries is ok, and being communicative of issues is also, if it is done in a way that focuses on the desired outcome. This will make you more selective about which issues are worth voicing concern over.


I've also endeavoured to eliminate the 8 following "resistance" words from my language : " NO, NOT, CAN'T, DON'T, BUT, TRY, NEED, SHOULD ". This practice has literally changed my life. I've been at it for nearly a year - I have yet to perfect the art, and it's great to be more aware of the words that create resistance in our lives. This practice will literally alter the chemical makeup in your brain for the better, I promise! You can play this game with a friend or partner, and if someone says one of the the "resistance words", you can say "SNOODLE!" (or pick any silly word), as a gentle and silly reminder to rephrase what you said. Thank you Heather ( www.theawakener.com ) for teaching me this life hack!



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