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Unique 3-in-1 DJ, Performer, and Social Media Content Creation for Luxury and Boutique Hotel Properties...

DJ / Musician

Live performer and music curator for film & fasion runway. DJ, Producer, Musician, Pianist, Guitarist, Singer... 


An ongoing international mission to raise funds to donate instruments, and teach music to trafficking survivors and refugees... 



Organizing, curating speaker lineups, and bringing a holistic and healing element to the realm of gatherings for emerging technologies, blockchain conferences and tech events. 

Robot Heart, Burning Man by Anya White


Diversity and musical adventure are the essence of the Code de Scarlett.  First and foremost, she is a musician. Multi-talented as  DJ, pianist, and guitarist.   One week she can be found playing keys on stage with the legendary Nile Rodgers and Johnny Marr at Montreux Jazz Festival, and the next orchestrating the music for Matthew Williamson from the sound box of the Royal Opera House London, with Cara Delevigne stomping down the runway and Anna Wintour in the front row.   She has spent over a decade as a DJ and performer in the international club scene, with performances in a broad spectrum of settings: from Robot Heart, Burning Man to the Formula One Singapore to the debaucherous weddings & birthdays of undisclosed royalty and celebrities across the globe. 

The W Retreat and Spa, Bali


New York Fashion Week: Vivien Ramsay's show



Scarlett has been an organizing and curating force behind Blockchain gatherings such as Villa Illumina and Casa Crypto, Ibiza. She sees an opportunity for healing and transformation within an emerging global movement, and enjoys uses her gifts to gather communities and healing modalities to open up unique channels of transformative dialogue amongst the tech, consciousness and healing worlds.


Villa Illumina Mykonos saw a gathering of great minds such as Daniel Pinchbeck, Jonathan Teo, Sterlin Luxan, and Rand Hindi to discuss the subject of "Crypto and Consciousness", overlooking the island of Delos and the Aegean Sea.  The talks and panels included "Consciousness Expansion" with Heather Levine, Rich Hedge, Toni Lane Casserly, Jason Dekker, and Daniel Pinchbeck; "Evolution of Value" with Geo Star, Jonathan Teo and Cyrus Fazel; "Co-Emergent Fields: Blockchain and Psychedelics Alchemized" with Liana Sananda, Gary Lachance and Andrea Paige; and "Self-Governance" with Sterlin Luxan and Toni Lane Casserly. 

Casa Crypto Ibiza is a haven of eudaimonia and education, a coworking and events space with a Crypto Concierge. Opening weekend consisted of talks by Brock Pierce, Crystal Rose, Brittany Kaiser, and Khaliya; with a fabulous offerings for guests of Solar Catamarans, Sound Healing sunset ceremonies.


Scarlett de la Torre possesses the rare combination of being a 3-in-1 Social Media Strategist, Performer, and DJ for Luxury and Boutique Hotel Properties.   Her photos have been featured to audiences in the millions by accounts such as Beautiful Hotels,  and she she is also a contributor to travel publications such as A Hotel Life. She has experience performing, content creating, and talent curating for properties ranging from chic surf shacks to Five Star Luxury Resorts such as Lux* South Ari Atoll Maldives, W Retreat and Spa Maldives and Bali, Long Beach Golf and Spa Mauritius, and Coke’s Surf Shack Maldives.   

Per Aquum Huvafen Fushi Spa and Resort, Maldives



Through her formula of raising funds through brand collaborations and crowdfunding, on-site volunteering, and writing CSR programs for luxury resorts to enrich local communities, Scarlett's ongoing pledge to raise funds to provide instruments and music lessons to marginalized people is a cause close to her heart.  Her most recent missions were for trafficking survivors at New Light, Kolkata; and for Syrian Refugees at Elpida Home in Thessaloniki.  Next missions will take place in Le Morne, Mauritius and Tulum, Mexico. 

  New Light, Kolkata 
  Elpida Home for Syrian Refugees